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AC Cobra


4:1 big bore, mirror finish side pipes & engine to collector link pipes for any V8. Made on your car for optimum fit. These side pipes make a Rover V8 sound like a Big Block.

Side pipes - 1500
Set of eight primary pipes - 600


BMW E30 M3

E30 M3

Equal length 4:1 DTM style header, 2 [50.8mm] primaries, 2.5 [63.5mm] outlet. Recommended for engines with 308 degree or greater inlet cams.


BMW E30 M3

E30 M3

2 box 2.5 [63.5mm] race system. Fits to our DTM header.


BMW E92 M3

E92 M3

Zero cat back sports silencers. Distributed in the UK & Europe exclusively by Bexley Motor Works.

Please go to links page and click on bmsport.com for pricing and availability.


Datsun 240Z


Stainless steel 6:2:1 header. 2 outlet with three bolt flange assembly and short length of tube to hook up to your own exhaust system.




Ferrari 430 Scuderia & 16M

Supersport exhaust, valveless cross-over system that makes the 430, when driven hard, sound like an F1 V8. At 9.5Kg there is a considerable weight saving over the bulky and restrictive OE exhaust.

Made from T-304 and 316 grade stainless steel.


Ferrari 458 Italia

Supersport exhaust, valveless with a flow merging cross-over set up that balances the sound waves from each side of the engine and creates a smoother and more aggressive sound than the OE system. At 7Kg there is a considerable weight saving over the original exhaust. T-304 and 316 stainless used throughout.



No picture available

MK1 Escort RS2000

Twin box stainless steel system and fitting kit. Bolts to standard cast manifold.


Ford Escort MK1

MK1 Escort/2.0 Zetec

Stainless steel 4:2:1 header with 2 [50.8mm] outlet.



Lamborghini Gallardo



LP570 Superleggera

Supersport valveless exhaust that has the benefit of being nearly half the weight of the restrictive OE exhaust. Does away with the secondary
catalytic converters and incorporates our proven cross-over design that balances the sound waves from each side of the V10 to give you a
smoother and deeper sound than the original exhaust. Made from T-304 and 316 stainless throughout.

Lotus Sunbeam

Lotus Sunbeam

Equal length 4:2:1 race header. 1 primaries finishing in a 2 outlet. T-304 grade stainless used throughout.




MG MGA Twin Cam

MGA Twin Cam

Stainless steel 4:2:1 header. Only RH drive available at present. 600

Single box 2 [50.8mm] exhaust system. 320

No picture available

MGA Pushrod

Long centre branch stainless steel header. 348

Single box exhaust system. 312

No picture available

MGB 1800

Long centre branch stainless steel header. 348

Single box exhaust system. 312

MG ZA & ZB Magnette

MGB 'K' Series

4:2:1 Stainless steel header with 2 outlet. 660

MG ZA & ZB Magnette

ZA & ZB Magnette

Long centre branch stainless steel header. Developed to fit both LH & RH drive cars. Unleashes the power of cars with 1800 or larger engines but is a worth while upgrade for standard engines.


MG Midget A Series

Midget A Series

Long centre branch stainless steel header. 1.75 [44.5mm] outlet.


MG ZT & ZT-T260

ZT & ZT-T260

Quad exit sports silencers. Unleash the sound of that Mustang V8. Louder than standard but not as loud as some other after market boxes.

450.00 per set

MG ZT & ZT-T180/190

ZT & ZT-T180/190

Looks the same as our ZT260 left hand silencer but has different internals to suit the V6 engine. Polished 2 tail pipes. Comes with clamps and fitting instructions.


MG ZT & ZT-T180/190


Toyota MK3 MR2 Roadster

MK3 MR2 Roadster

4:2 stainless steel pre-cat replacement header with heat shield. O2 bosses are set lower down so existing wiring will need to be extended.